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☯☪☮ Hey I'm Olivia. I live in California. Stay rad ☮☪☯
Anonymous: im just asking cuz it seems like this has been an issue for a while and it doesn't seem like things have changed

you should come off anon cuz it seems like you know a lot about this so i probably know you and i dont really feel like sharing this with all of tumblr but yeah its been a problem for a while idk

Anonymous: How does Ari obsess over girls?

idk im actually kinda curious as to what exactly that anon was referring to earlier cuz i mean maybe the word “obsess” takes it too far but he does things that make me feel really uncomfortable and are not ok at times. Idk its becoming less of an issue than it was because we both are doing things to make it not a problem.

Anonymous: I'm not the other anon but I've noticed he does that too. That would bug the shit out of me.

haha really?


Lying in a field right now cheeyaaah!
Happy 420

so cute


worst pain imaginable

(via but-ts)

Anonymous: does it ever bother you that Ari obsesses over other girls as much as he does?

Yes it def does but what’re you referring to ?